August 07, 2013

Welcome Back

I've been gone a long time...not by choice. 

My computer died and it was a tedious and frustrating exercise but I persisted.  I really believe that never giving up is the true secret to success.  Failure just means you haven't reached yes yet.  If you stand up and ask for what you want, the worst that can happen is someone says no but no is just a few steps away from yes.  It took three weeks but I got Future Shop to say yes and now I have a new computer.  They honoured my extended warranty (which will end this Sunday!) and gave me the price I paid for my computer three years ago towards a new one.

So, of course, I upgraded a little ;).  I've spent the last few days getting my computer set up and trying to learn Windows 8 (I think I'm going to like it when I finally figure it all out). For a while, I was thinking that I must be too old to learn new things.  It was a real trial getting my photos downloaded but I've got it going now so hopefully I'll be able to get some posts done over the next week or so.

July was a bit of a crazy month.  The weather was extreme, the garden suffered greatly but we got our first tomato.  We had friends and family from far and wide visit which was lovely.  A few good meals, lots of laughs and more than a couple drinks were had by all.

A couple of day trips were taken when there was a break in the stifling heat.  Some new favourite things and places were discovered.  Major life decisions were made and plans are being put into place.  The future will be mapped out soon and I will share news as we go along.

Tonight is a sleepless night.  One of my good friends has had devastating news and lost a very close family member today.  The news has shaken me and I wish there was something, anything I could do for my friend but nothing can make this better.  This is a wound that even time won't be able to heal.  Please add my friend and her family to your prayers.  They will be in my thoughts and my prayers.



  1. Pretty photo. I've heard that Windows 8 is hard to get use to. Good luck!!


  2. Glad you're back and good for you for making them give you what you deserve. My laptop has Windows 8 and I'm still getting used to it. Some of it I like but some of it I think "Why the heck did they do that or why did they get rid of that?"

  3. best of luck with figuring out Windows 8. So far people are having a difficult time with it. As for your close friend...... my heart and thoughts are with her.


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