August 21, 2013

Magical Mystery Tour

I took my Mom and my cousin, Dot on a Sunday drive through the country.  We drive around to those places my mother holds dear in far off memories; by the land that was the site of the log cabin where she grew up.  She was a farm child so she always had food to eat but she was young during the Great Depression and didn't have electricity or running water.  She attended school in a one room schoolhouse that she walked to through the dark woods; a sometimes scary situation for a young girl.  She tells me all the stories of her youth as we drive along dusty country roads and she points out places where friends and relatives lived. I call this our magical mystery tour and to me, it does seem other-worldly.


My cousin lives in a retirement home which is beautiful but Sundays are boring around there so she was game to get out.  After our drive, we stopped at Rogers' Cove to see the new waterpark the city has put in for the kids.  It looks like a lot of fun and very tempting on a hot day!  I didn't take any close up pictures because it was full of kids and I wouldn't want to put that on the internet.

It's a beautiful spot where you can bring the kids to enjoy the waterpark, the beach, or the playground. The path through the park is part of the Trans Canada Trail, a walking trail that is being built across the country that is 72% complete now.  We can walk across our city on the trail.

It's a beautiful spot and Little Lake sits like a jewel in the middle of our city.  I've shown you pictures before taken from the other side of the lake.  You can just see the fountain in the middle of the photo.

Thanks for joining us on our magical mystery tour ;).  


  1. What a pleasant day! I'm sure your Mom really enjoy getting to relive old memories and just plain "getting out".


  2. Oh the stories your mom could tell. I bet she's really interesting to talk to.


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