August 25, 2013

The Vintage Junction

For all the lovers of prim out there, I found a wonderful store in Stirling, Ontario called The Vintage Junction.  They have a Facebook page you can visit but if you are in the area, I would really recommend a personal visit to the store.  I was there in July and the stock is wonderful and the prices are reasonable.  You would really love it.

I bought myself a sweet vintage little chopper in a jar.  Just like the one my Mom had when I was growing up.  Also, I got the most incredible little candles.  They look like handmade pioneer wax dipped candles and feel like it too but the bottom screws off and you put batteries inside.  They light up with a soft glow but don't get hot.  Now I just need to find the right candlesticks for them ;)  They are such a novelty and I only paid $7 for two of them.

Aren't they cool?


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