August 07, 2013

The First Tomato

This is the first tomato from my garden.  It is a heritage one that is supposed to be golden - not red.  I watched it for a month as it grew bigger every day and stayed green.

And green and green...I thought it was never going to ripen.  But slowly, slowly it changed to white and then pale yellow.  It took so long that I began to worry that the squirrels would get it before I did.

Every day I watched the tomato.  I felt a bit like James and the Giant Peach but at long last came the day when the tomato was ready.  So last week I plucked the brilliant orange tomato from its' curling stem and brought it into the kitchen.  I promptly sliced it up.

It was so juicy, so meaty and so tomato-ey that I was transported back to my childhood when a tomato tasted like a tomato.  I love it when you can grow your own food in your own backyard.  Just step outside and pick a vegetable warmed by the sun and eat it within minutes.  That is truly heaven and an experience everyone should have. So get out there and grow something, even if it's just a tomato plant on an apartment balcony.



  1. Nothing like fresh tomatoes from the garden! Makes me drool!


  2. Yum. Nothing better than a fresh picked tomato. xo Laura

  3. Oh, that looks yummy. I'm mad because I bought a 3 pack of tomato plants at our local place. They were marked "Big Boys" and turned out to be cherry tomatoes. Sob. Hard to use cherry tomatoes on BLT's or make fried green tomatoes.

  4. You are so like me. I went nuts when my first tomatoes were finally ripe. Just love gardening. AND tomatoes! :)


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