August 28, 2013

Pay It Forward #1- Luscious Lavender

You may remember that I am participating in a Pay It Forward this year that my friend Sharon began on Facebook.  She was on the ball and sent me a gift in February.  I've started a couple (because I decided to make mine) but then changed my mind.  I knew that for my friend, Cindi I was going to make crafts from my homegrown lavender. Lavender is a natural moth repellent and Cindi is a great knitter so I wanted to help protect her "stash".

I have always been interested in these lavender wands and really wanted to learn how to make them. I looked up instructions on the internet.  You cut a bundle of lavender stems and tie them together right under the flower heads.

and then you bend the stems back over the flowers.  It ends up looking like the flowers are in a cage and you start weaving ribbon through the stems.

You can see that I'm still getting used to my new camera and trying out new photo effects.

There's Miss Eilish. She is so inquisitive. Her nose is always in the middle of everything going on.  I am afraid her help won't be so welcome when I try painting again.

For the second part of the gift, I thought I'd try something I saw on Pinterest.  It's from a great blog - What. No Mints?

So I got some fabric and cut out a circle.

and sewed them up

turned them inside out and hand basted around the top

filled them with dried lavender from my garden

I pulled them tight 

and tied them off and added green felt leaves

two groups of three packed up in a green plastic berry box

for my friend.



  1. Well that's very creative! The lavender wands are cool - never saw that before.

  2. That is one very nice gift. I have made strawberry Christmas ornaments using felt, but I do like the idea of filling them with lavender.


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