August 16, 2013

Garden Update July

The way my month of July went, it is entirely appropriate that I am posting pictures of the garden in July on August 16th! And they are not dry weather killed the flowers and grew the weeds.  So this post is not to show you how lovely my garden is but rather to remind me where I need to thin plants, renovate the garden beds or simply just rip it out and begin again.

I know...embarrassing, right?  There was a little bright spot in the garden; a sort of phoenix rising from the ashes moment.  I bought a Rose of Sharon tree last year and it was lovely but this spring, no buds...nothing.  I left it for a month after everything else started growing.  I checked it every day.  Still nothing.  I cut a branch off looking for green.  Inconclusive.  It didn't exactly look dead but it wasn't really green either.

I finally gave up and ripped it out of the ground.  It lay on the grass with all of the other weeds and plants I removed for a couple of days.  Then I started packing up all the green waste to go out to the street.  I picked up the tree and started cutting all the branches off so they would fit in the bag.  After I had butchered the top, I caught a tiny glimpse of green.  Oh my, it was starting to sprout, but had I killed it?  I decided to stick it back in the ground and give it a chance. And voila!

It decided to live!

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  1. Yay! That's a very bright spot in your summer, Julie! It will be beautiful next year, I'm sure of it.



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