August 09, 2013

The Harvest Starts...


I got a bumper crop of peas this year!  An early start that began with rain and a hot growth spurt sent the vines crawling up the fences and over the peony bushes.  I had trouble keeping ahead of them.  I picked lots of pods and spent time shelling peas.  This is a chore from childhood that I always enjoyed and I've always loved eating raw peas fresh from the pod.  This year for a change I got enough for the table and for the freezer.

So I've replanted seeds in the hopes of another crop before frost.  They will taste so good in the middle of the winter.  I don't like to feel I'm rushing the summer along but it's time to start the canning and the freezing for the winter.  Nothing better than the taste of a sunny summer in January.



  1. Lovely harvest of peas ... fresh grown taste so good don't they?

  2. Just think how great they will taste in the middle of winter!


  3. I'm right in the thick of canning and freezing now, too! Although, I wasn't so lucky as to get the bumper pea crop you did and I'm very, very jealous of you.

  4. Good for you, Julie! I think shelling peas is sort of a wonderful meditative thing to do.



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